Thursday, July 5, 2012

Arkansas Trip - The Final Stop

The final night of the trip was spent in Childress, Texas. We drove longer than most days so that we could be up and into the cemetery before it got hot. Chris and I enjoy old cemeteries. It's an odd hobby but we enjoy it. It always raises questions that sometimes have an answer and sometimes not.
This trip showed lots of old metal stars marked with U.C.V. This proved to mean United Confederate Veterans. I found it interesting that this military marker shows CSA which is Confederate States of America. Lots of history in a cemetery.
We saw an unusually large number of markers from 1918. Upon a little research we discovered that the Spanish Flu must have hit pretty hard.
It's always interesting to find homemade headstones. This one is a marker for a family plot.
We even found the head stone of someone who was obviously a teacher. The back of the stone lists the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. This, as we learned, is a southern norm. I like it.

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